Monday, August 14, 2017

SOSD Nationals 2017

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Several of our Company Dancers traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in American Dance Awards Nationals Competition in mid-July.
Dancers came from far and near to compete and learn, representing the United States, Canada, South Africa, Ecuador, Panama and China. 

Congratulations to all of our Titlists for their performances!
L to R: Andrew McKenzie, Caity Carty, Ellen Marshall, Jenna Dunphy, and Sara Letourneau
(Missing from photo: Analise Fantasia)

Analise Fantasia competed as an ADA Young Dancer of the Year Contestant after being named as a titlist in her first solo competition this season.  Congrats to Analise and her  choreographer, Stacey Baptiste.

Caitlin Carty and Andrew McKenzie competed this year in ADA's Teen Dancer of the Year Competition.  Caity exhibited a strength and grace wiser than her teen years, allowing us to see the story of her song, "Big White Room."  
Caity and Andrew pose with Teacher, Elyse Ayers a former Senior Company Dancer.

Andrew was recognized for winning the Acrobatics Class Award for the second year in a row, and placing 4th Runner Up in the Title Competition!  

Andrew poses with his choreographer, Devon Larcher.
The Title Competition continued as we watched Jenna Dunphy, Ellen Marshall and Sara Letourneau perform their solos in the Dancer of the Year Competition.  These young ladies amazed us with their power and poise.  

L to R: Sara, Jenna, and Ellen
Sara poses before taking the stage!
Ellen stretches before performing her solo, "Wrecking Ball."

It was a week full of dancing...and bonding...

Junior Duo: Andrew and Rebecca Santos.... Senior Trio: Emily, Kerrin and Hannah Crawshaw

It wouldn't be Nationals without some fun with our AWESOME host, Scott Sisbarro.

Ellen, Sara, and Jenna were lucky dancers who got to work with our friend Scott Fowler all week.  Scott choreographed the fabulous opening number for Dancer of the Year title competition.

SOSD is a family affair!


We ended the week with the GALA...

 The Dancers.... AND


"Woods" and "Shunned" (above) scored in the Top 5 for Highest Scoring Senior Extended.
Both dances made the DANCE OFF!
CONGRATULATIONS to Julie White for being nominated for Choreographer of the Year for "Shunned."  This is Julie's 2nd year in a row being nominated.

"The Chain" 

"River" and "All That Jazz" (above) scored in the Top 5 for Highest Scoring Senior Class.
Both pieces were in the DANCE OFF!
"Ain't Wit Me" Senior Hip Hop made the DANCE OFF!

Congratulations to former Company Dancer and current SOSD Choreographer, Devon Larcher for WINNING the Young Choreographer of the Year Award for his dance, "Woods."

Highest Scoring Production: "Pompeii" FIRST PLACE PRODUCTION
after performing in the DANCE OFF!

"Pompeii" Dancers on stage to receive their award.

Our hearts are full with the thoughts and love sent our way for Shannon's soul sister, Linda Sousa.  Linda passed after a long fight with Metastatic Breast Cancer.  What a beautiful tribute to her to have our dancers wear ribbons in her memory this week

A BIG "Thank you" to the teachers that were able to attend the Nationals Competition AND to those that stayed back  home to keep the studio running for Mandatory Week!  We are a family!

CONGRATS to all of the dancers and their families...
To us, you're ALL WINNERS!

Miss Julie's little cherub Charlie won the hearts of nearly everyone at the competition.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Shannon O'Brien School of Dance Annual Shamrock Showcase and Dance Extravaganza 2016

got through the hard and I am now somewhere still in the messy...but getting closer to gorgeous every day :)

2016 has been a year of change for SOSD...but in the end, this year's shows truly were

 The strength and beauty of the dancers showed in their performances... from the emotional song to the upbeat song to the serious song.

 The shows opened with the unveiling of Pompeii.

 The smiles were contagious with the Pre-school dancers..


And continued to spread in the Red Room and the Purple Room!

 The costumes captured the essence of the songs

.... from cute to crazy!

Dancers gathered with their studio friends to capture their memories!

And at the end we were left looking for MORE!

And wanting to join in on the FUN!

But alas....the curtain came down on ...


"And suddenly you know... It's time to try something new and trust the magic of beginnings."
(on to Season 25!) 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Picture Day 2016

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It's Picture Day 2016!

We should've known that it would be the BEST Picture Day ever after seeing the shine on the floors, the smiles at the doors, and the sparkles from head to toe.

...along with 4 photographers, 15 staff members, 400 dancers, and THOUSANDS of costumes!

Meanwhile....back at home:
Photo by Marcia Henderson

The day started with our youngest dancers... Preschool, Kinderdance and Petites:

Turtle Rock!

Photo by Elizabeth Azevedo
Lovely little ladies in waiting...

These lovely ladies have been crowned for their

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat UNLESS you can be this cutie!
Petite means"having a small and attractively dainty build."...but NOT in attitude!  These girls are ready to BRING it to the stage. 

Miss Stacey kept us on schedule for the day!

Meanwhile, back at the Sportswear table....

 Moms and Dancers were sharing their SPIRIT with SOSD                                                                      Sportswear!

And behind the camera the Level 1 and 2 Dancers were filing in...

 How could you pick your favorite costume when they just kept coming in... sparkly ones, cute ones, classy ones, sophisticated ones, clever ones.  ...AND WHAT was that one?

 And then we have our Seasoned Level 3 Dancers....

 BUT... we can't forget our Dance Moms of Seekonk:

 OR our Dance Families...

Because they keep us going...

AND who isn't looking for the BOYS?

We were all in great COMPANY!

Before we knew it, the day was done!

And next year we will meet again.... just a dancer and a camera!